Trick Training

When most people think of a dog doing tricks, they imagine their dog shaking hands, rolling over, and perhaps balancing a cookie on their nose.  These simple tricks are fun to teach, but our dogs are capable of so much more.  Trick Training is amazing for improving the communication and bond that develops between a dog and their handler.

  • In training a trick, we learn what motivates our dog, what teaching methods work best, and how to read our dog’s body language for a glimpse into his or her state of mind.  This allows us to adapt our training style and methods to best support the dog on any given day.
  • As a result of this process, the dog learns how to learn.  They learn “yes” and “no” in way that simple obedience doesn’t convey.  They learn “try again,” “try something else,” and “you are on the right track.”  This improves problem solving skills, teaches patience, and encourages the dog to stay focused.  All of this hard work and thinking wears a dog out in a way that exercise just cannot.  It is like the mental exhaustion we sometimes feel after a long day at work interacting with customers or sitting in front of a computer!


These skills carry over into so many other aspects of dog training.  While competing at AKC events, other competitors often ask us how we get that beautiful laser focus from our dog.  If you will pardon the pun, there is no TRICK to it.  It is actually a side effect of our trick training.  Our dog learned that if he wanted to get a treat or toy, he must pay attention.  He knows he needs to follow our every gesture and listen for every command in order to “get paid.”

Trick training is based entirely on positive reinforcement.  It should be FUN for our furry friends! 


Trick training is best when it’s one-on-one, so there are fewer distractions for the dog and more attention from the trainer.  We offer trick training in 30 minute blocks for one dog, or 60 minute blocks for 2 dogs in the same household.  As your dog’s skill level increases, we will begin adding distractions and working toward higher level tricks.


If you are interested in earning AKC and/or DoMoreWithYourDog! titles for your dog, we will work with you on a learning plan that will help guide our training sessions.  If your dog already has a CGC(Canine Good Citizen) it only takes 5 novice tricks to get the first AKC title!  These titles are open to ALL dogs, even All-American dogs that are not purebreds.



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