Obedience Training

While we love dog sports, obedience is an extremely important part of responsible dog ownership.  The bigger the dog, the less optional obedience is… but even small dogs need to behave!


Tricky Tailz offers obedience training in 30 and 60 minute one-on-one private training sessions.  These sessions are custom tailored to both the dog and the handler.  Handling skills are an important part of obedience, and our lessons make sure that you are an integral part of your dog’s training.

Whenever possible, we will use positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviors.  We love giving out praise, treats, butt-rubs, and a good rounds of tug!

All dogs must go through an assessment with us before beginning obedience training.  During the assessment, we will determine what the dog AND the handler already knows.  We will look for aggression, both the human and the dog varieties.  We do not currently train human-aggressive dogs, but we can give you a referral to some good trainers who do.  We can train dog-aggressive dogs, but there is an additional cost.  Before we agree to work with your dog, we’ll want to make sure we share a common understanding of the expected outcome for the dog.


NOTE: We do not offer E-Collar training at this time.

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