Canine Conditioning and Enrichment

Tricks are fun but there is another aspect to canine health and happiness that most handlers never consider!  Canine conditioning focuses on the physical fitness needed to keep your best friend active and engaged.  We work on strength, endurance, coordination, and problem solving.  We teach hind-end awareness, and movement on uneven and unsteady surfaces, which builds confidence and increases your dog’s willingness to face new and different things.  During our sessions, we will introduce you and your dog to different exercises and activities designed to improve your your pup’s overall fitness level and body awareness.  We will also show you different ways to work on these exercises at home.


This type of training is applicable to many other types of training:

  • For obedience, your dog will learn self-confidence when approaching new situations.
  • For agility, rally, and other dog sports, your dog will learn hind-end awareness and a comfort level with new and sometimes unnatural movements.  These exercises also improve your dog’s overall fitness and endurance levels.
  • For tricks, your dog will gain strength and endurance so they can better accomplish physically demanding tricks like Sit Pretty and Hand Stands on a Wall.


Much like trick training, canine conditioning and enrichment is entirely based on positive reinforcement.


Canine Conditioning! (Individualized Training)

Right now, our canine conditioning and enrichment training is only conducted in private one-on-one sessions.  These sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes in length and scheduled at a pace appropriate for the student and their dog(s).  We will introduce you to activities, help you get equipment (if necessary,) and show you how to work on the different exercises at home.  Much like going to the gym, you’ll need to repeat these exercises with your dog multiple times each day in order to really gain the benefits.